Yves Saint Laurent

Do you believe in fate, in kismet, or do just believe in coincidence? I visited Morocco some thirty odd years ago and fell instantly in love with the place. When Inside Crochet Magazine asked for projects inspired by travel and adventure the very first thing that popped into my usually random thought processes was the amazing colours and Arabic architecture of the Jardin Majorelle, the stunning gardens in Morocco famously owned by the master of couture himself, Yves Saint Laurent, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. The resulting sarong which whilst not couture, hopefully captures the essence of the great man’s garden, appears in the current issue and would make a great holiday project.

Find Sabina's Moroccan Sarong pattern in Inside Crochet Issue 66

Find Sabina’s Moroccan Sarong pattern in Inside Crochet Issue 66

So why is she rambling on about kismet and coincidence you may ask? I have just made a bold escape to the country in search of a woolier lifestyle and relocated from Hertfordshire in the South East to Co Durham in the North East, to the little market town of Barnard Castle, where we are being graced with a much anticipated and promised to be fabulous Yves Saint Laurent exhibition. So kismet or coincidence that “Barney” as the locals say is absolutely buzzing as a glimpse of one of the biggest luxury powerhouses on the planet arrives at the same time as my little sarong which has been filed away in a distant corner of my brain for over 30 years? I’ll take the romantic view and say it was fate, it was destined to be, so are you a romantic or a cynic?
Sabina x

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