Exciting times ahead for Crook2Hook!

It’s been an amazing journey for Crook2Hook and so much more to come this Year!

New Location Planned for Crook2Hook

Crook2hook has such exciting plans for the year ahead that we are all fit to burst.

For me personally my dream of relocating to the North in search of a woollier lifestyle is closer to reality and I am hopefully moving to a 300 year old house in Barnard Castle on the borders of North Yorkshire and County Durham.

The current owner tells me the house may have began life with a colourful past, who knows but I hope to give it a colourful future by filling it with crochet.

New Website, Exciting Workshops & a BIG Community Project

Crook2hook will be focusing its year on raising the profile of crochet and of fellow artisans through a brand new website for crafters to get involved with, an exciting new concept in crochet workshops, and a community crochet & knitting project on a huge scale.

Inside Crochet Magazine & Wool Shows

I am thrilled to continue designing for Inside Crochet Magazine as well as Crook2Hook and we are looking forward to meeting you again at some fantastic wool shows.

So watch this space as we keep you up to date on all of this and more, and we wish you all a happy, prosperous and above all woolly new year!

Sabina x


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