Crochet Butterflies for LUPUS Awareness Month

Calling all crocheters, whether you are a designer, experienced or new to crochet !

Do you have a crochet butterfly pattern you can donate for free to help raise awareness of LUPUS?

October is LUPUS UK awareness month, my business partner and friend has LUPUS and is often poorly.

All Butterfly Patterns will be posted on to a Pintrest page, Twitter and Instagram as well as other social networking with a link to your page or website. 

I would love to reach a target of 31 patterns for every day of October.

All you need to do is send me a link to your pattern, tell me who you are and I will do the rest. Please make sure you are the owner of the pattern or have permission from the copyright holder to share the pattern and link.

Crochet Butterflies – LUPUS Awareness Month

Thank you for taking the time to read this and even if you don’t have a pattern to submit, I hope I have raised the awareness of LUPUS with you.

Please note the butterfly shown is not connected to LUPUS but is a beautiful Crochet Butterfly by Janie Crow, Crochet Motifs

Thank you
Sabina x


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