Mandala for Yarndale is now a CAL Blanket!

Phew! what a very busy few weeks it has been and thank you all so much for your support and feedback on the Mandala Blanket.

There has been thousands of downloads of my Mandala for Yarndale 2014 which has grown into a Crochet-A-Long Mandala Blanket! and I am truly overwhelmed by your fantastic comments. 

Parts 1,2,3 & 4 are all in one place on Crook2Hook Ravelry under the Mandala Blanket Part 4 Pattern in both UK and US crochet terms.

The beauty about this Mandala Pattern is you can be as creative as you want to!  

  • Create decorative Mandala’s Part 1
  • Turn your Mandala’s into blocks Part 2 
  • Turn your block into a cushion front  Part 3 
  • Turn your cushion front into a Throw/ Blanket Parts 4 and beyond.
  • Each Part having a new crochet stitch!

Parts 5 is being released this weekend along with another video link.

An update for Part 1 is also available now in both UK & US to correct a slight pattern error.

I am really looking forward to Yarndale 2014 which inspired the Mandala pattern and seeing the hard work by the Yarndale Team and Lucy Attic24 to create the amazing Mandala Art Work that thousands of people have contributed to!

Only 45 days to go!

Sabina x






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